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My Story

Howdy! I’m Melissa Nugent. I’m in my 40’s but honestly I feel much younger. What a blessing! It’s no accident though. From the time I graduated high school, I started focusing on health. I came close to changing my major in college from graphic design to kinesiology. I worked at a weight loss center during college as a consultant. I would sit and listen to how each person’s week went regarding exercise and nutrition then give them advice and bag up their packaged meals. I’m now more wise and know packaged meals aren’t the best choice but the basics of what I learned and helped to implement were a very good foundation for healthy living - eat balanced healthy meals and exercise consistently. I’m thankful for that experience and the people I met. I realized at that time the only person responsible for my health was... me. 


I did become a graphic designer (second generation actually) and married a wonderful man who is an amazing father to our two beautiful girls. I count my blessings and there are many! Praise God! I strive to workout intensely and consistently as well as eat healthy most of the time. As I have gotten older, I have learned more about the food industry (I’m still learning... oh so much to learn) and began to take a closer look at food labels which lead me to eat cleaner. There is so much out there that can harm us and I figure it doesn’t hurt to leave them out or consume in moderation if possible. 


Not too long ago, a dear friend of mine introduced me to a line of personal care and beauty products which use safer ingredients. I never knew the products we put on our skin could include ingredients that are known carcinogens, toxins, and hormone disrupters. I assumed the FDA was looking out for us in that department but that’s not the case at all. The truth is the beauty and personal care products industries are very under regulated. They are way behind. The European Union bans 1,400 ingredients in personal care products. The U.S. bans... just 30. My jaw dropped when I learned this and it made me wonder, Why? There hasn’t been a major change to these regulations since 1938. There also hasn’t been a lot of testing of ingredients so it’s basically a crap shoot for us even when we use products that tell us their ingredients are FDA compliant (Ya’ll, that doesn’t mean anything... remember, 1938). I don’t know about you but I’d rather not slather toxic ingredients on my skin, my largest organ, and I don’t want it on my family's skin either. I believe it does matter. It’s like a smoker who cuts down from 6 packs a day to 1 pack a day. Do you think that will help reduce that smoker's chance of getting related health issues? Yes, I’m sure it will.


Ingredient safety aside, I was very impressed when I used the products. They do really work! My skin now craves them, no kidding. When I put them on it’s like my skin lets out a sigh of relief and I have a new glow! My hair is also loving the hair care. It’s got a new shine! The makeup feels great on my skin! Beautycounter bans 1,500 ingredients from their products. There are no harmful or questionable ingredients included in their skincare, hair care, or cosmetics. I decided to join Beautycounter and their mission - To put safer products into the hands of everyone - because it made sense as the next step in my healthy living lifestyle. I watch what I put in my body and on my body because I believe it really can make a difference.


Back to nutrition and fitness... you may ask, what are my goals? I want to stay healthy as long as possible - to keep a high quality of life - to be a healthy example for my kids - to live longer in order to be with my husband, my kids, and their kids - to be my BEST. I believe eating healthy is part of the puzzle but I don’t deprive myself from my favorite foods (Mmmm... Nachos). I just eat them in moderation. I reserve one day a week to eat that stuff. I’ve learned it’s what you do most of the time that matters. I also learned early on that lean muscle is very valuable. To me, it’s like the fountain of youth. It gives you a healthy tone look AND increases your basal metabolic rate which helps keep your bodyfat low. I know that intense exercise (like High Intensity Interval Training) and strength training will keep me where I want to be as long as I stay consistent so I plan to workout 5 to 6 days a week for 25 min to 1 hour each day (only one time per day). No taking long breaks like a couple of weeks off or more. Anyone can gain bodyfat and anyone can lose bodyfat. If you’re not working on one, you’re working on the other and excess bodyfat can cause so many health issues.


Thank you for learning more about me. I look forward to getting to know you! I want to support you in your healthy journey. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for talk about healthy lifestyle habits - exercise, nutrition, and clean beauty.

~ Melissa

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